Sunday 31 July 2022

That's the...

...rubbish and recycling out for another week and my carer getting washed in the kitchen sink again.

I think I can safely add up my carer's caring for this week now... 2 hours and 29 minutes - which is less than I've cared for him this morning alone.  As of last night, my total was 69 hours and 12 minutes for the week, plus my support so far today of 2 hours and 39 minutes, takes my weekly caring total up to 71 hours and 51 minutes, so that's more than double the minimum care needed to be classed as a carer but apparently I do nothing for him and he does everything for me <shrug>  There's no way that he can fit more than 32 hours of care into the 12 hours that I'll be awake, but I started working overtime before 8.30am on Thursday <shrug>

The virus scan has finished and was still clear, reassuringly.

Time to publish this now so that I can put some BO basher on ready for going to see Steve's family again for the third time in 12 days.


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