Sunday 24 July 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I'm freezy cold and riddled with hayfever 'cos the window is wide open and the fan is blowing the pollen from the window, straight at me so today is gonna be another sneezing, sniffing, eyes itchy and watering, throat scratchy day today but as long as Steve's alright Jack, that's all that matters eh?

I'm gonna go and water the plants and make myself a drinking choccie soon so that I can start bringing my body temperature up above freezing again.  I'm pondering on putting my coat on to prove my point too, but we shall see.

I've taken my morning pills and cared for my carer for almost an hour already this morning, which is just under ⅔ of what he's done for me all week combined so far.  Like I think I said last night, there's no way for him to achieve the minimum required now 'cos I'm only gonna be down here for 13-14 hours and he needs to cram more than 30 hours of care into that time before he even approaches the minimum.  I easily sailed through the minimum on Wednesday and have been working overtime ever since.  Even if I let Steve borrow my overtime to make his minimum, I'd still be working overtime... apparently I'm not the carer though <shrug>

I've cared for my carer for an hour now this morning, so I'm gonna go and do the watering then make his breakfast for him.


Can someone remind me to put the rubbish and recycling out after lunch today please?  It won't go out and get collected early tomorrow morning if I don't which'll be my fault!! 

Almost forgot to set the virus scan running lol


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