Friday 22 July 2022

Increasing my calorie count again

I'm chomping my way through another few Bourbon creams as a pre-lunch snack to try and get my calorie count even higher after the last 3 days of barely eating.  I wanna turn my FitBit app as red as possible today to try and make up for it - far from healthy, but this has been a stressful couple of weeks for Steve and his family so I've been focussed more on supporting them than eating properly.  I'm hoping that we can start getting back into cooking and eating properly now though... I'm not gonna force the issue, just saying no to take-aways so often again.


Just finished my 12th biscuit of the morning and emptied the packet, so there are obviously 20 biscuits in each packet 'cos I risked trying 8 yesterday along with my hot chocolate while Steve was at his medical appointment.  I've consumed 1,255 calories this morning and FitBit is telling me that I've got 90 left to go to turn the graph green, so it'll hopefully be pretty easy to turn it red after lunch, then a couple of drinking chocolates this afternoon will hopefully send it through the roof.


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