Saturday 23 July 2022

Just been out to...

...give the plants and seedlings their final drink for the day and made another hot drink for Steve.  I've just got 750 steps left to do before midnight and I'll have just about beaten Tuesday's steps.


I'm absolutely shattered today, but that's prolly 'cos I only had 7 hours and 32 minutes of sleep overnight and the stresses and strains of the last couple of weeks hasn't helped either.


I'm on track for hitting the 10 hours at around the time I take my evening pills, which'll mean that I've smashed 70 hours this week and I've just gotta put in another 10 hour day tomorrow to have hit 80 hours this week.  I'm listening to my body though and won't force it to do things it's not safe to do this week.


My carer has only managed 93 minutes of care this week, so there's no way that he can hit the minimum yet again.  On a good caring week I get 3 hours out of him, which is less than 10% of what he tells everyone he does, but I usually hit the minimum by Wednesday lunchtime and more than double it by the time I head to bed on a Sunday.  I'm not the carer and do nothing to support him though, apparently <shrug> 

I've messed around with out grocery orders for the next 4 weeks so that we can start stocking the freezer with easy meals like lasagnes and hash browns an things that can just be shoved into the oven for half an hour while my carer goes for a poo.

It's vegetarian spag bol tomorrow and pasta bake at some point next week 'cos we got the sauce this week and the grated cheese is on Tuesday's order... assuming that it doesn't get substituted with oven cleaner or whatever 😏

My hayfever hasn't been too bad today and I think we've had the best of Summer now 'cos it's considerably cooler outside now, than it has been for a good few weeks.

This blog post is waaay too long, so I'm gonna publish it now and leave you all in peace for a little while now.


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