Monday 25 July 2022

Achieved quite a lot already this morning!

So far this morning (and in no particular order), I've:

  • taken my morning pills
  • watered the plants and seedlings
  • made breakfast and a hot drink for my carer
  • run the virus scan (still clear)
  • weighed myself (I've lost 550g in 7 days)
  • downloaded, coded and uploaded the FitBit spreadsheet
  • schmoozed with the recycling collector
  • put the recycling containers away

I've already cared for my carer for 2 hours and 48 minutes, so I'm already half way to doing the minimum care for the day and it's only 8.45am... I reckon today is gonna be another day of lots of caring for my carer.

Gonna go and make myself another drinking choccie while I wait for the rubbish to be collected so that I can schmooze with them too then make a start on the news.

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