Wednesday 27 July 2022

Carer has been...

...asleep since I had my late lunch (ice cream) and I've watered the plants and seedlings, as well as clearing both caches in preparation for tomorrow's monthly scan, so I've just gotta keep on caring for my carer until I head off to beddy-byes.

Lunch is sorted for tomorrow - I've got a pot of peanuts that I can have and Steve's got two appointments tomorrow - he's getting his glasses fixed at some point between 9am and 12pm then he'll want his lunch, then he's got a medical appointment at the end of the afternoon, so I reckon it'll be a low caring day tomorrow, hours-wise, and he'll prolly spend a good chunk of the afternoon asleep again, between getting his glasses mended, having his lunch and his medical appointment.  I'll be working overtime before lunchtime though, but that's cos it's been a pretty low caring week so far this week... it'll be around 33 hours by the time I head to bed and he's put in a 1 hour 17 minute week so far - no care logged today and very unlikely to be any tomorrow either, so he's gotta put in over 11 hours each day from Friday to Sunday to even approach the minimum that he tells everyone he does.

Can you tell it's still a very sore point for me?  lol

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