Friday 22 July 2022


I've had a Nectar card for over 15 years and I'd been building up a few quid here and there to save for buying things on eBay.

I knew I had pennies over £56 in my account, so was gonna treat myself to a few size 10 clothes on eBay this afternoon.

I logged into my account and discovered that £50 of it had been spent at a petrol station in a place I'd never even heard of, so I got straight onto the live chat and 10 minutes later it was completely resolved, my account closed, new account opened, card ordered and points transferred and hopefully refunded within the next 15 days!

If Nectar can do that in 10 minutes, why does it take other places days (looking at you, Tesco) or even weeks (looking at you, Boots) to just send out a replacement card??

They are definitely gonna be getting more of my custom now!

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