Saturday 23 July 2022

Mornin' all

I'm actually really surprised (in a positive way) with how well I feel this morning!  Considering 2 and 3 days ago I couldn't even keep water in my belly, I've now discovered that I can eat a light meal in the evenings and keep it down, which means I'm all up for trying toasted sandwiches for occasional teas when I need to increase my calories like I did yesterday!  They won't be huge meals, just bread 'n' spread or toasted sandwiches or something else that's light and easy to digest as well as being high in calories (thanks to the spread), but I won't be rejecting meals after 5pm any more!


I think, between us last night, me an' 'im worked out that whatever changes in cheese when it is heated/melted is what I'm allergic to, 'cos I can have pizzas and pasta bake and spag bol with melted cheese and it barely affects me, but just the merest nibble of unmelted or 'plastic' cheese messes me up for days afterwards!  I know that it's not the lactose in it, 'cos I can't have lactose free milk without an allergic reaction (I tried just the merest hint on the tip of my tongue when I accidentally spilt some onto my thumb and it sent me rushing to the bathroom within seconds) but whatever it is, I'll keep on avoiding it at every opportunity.  After my reaction on Wednesday, I know to keep on avoiding butter too, 'cos the sandwiches affected me too and I couldn't eat until Thursday afternoon, so I'll keep on avoiding that too.  Thankfully the allergic reaction is letting me eat small amounts now, so I'm just gonna take it steady with what I eat today and tomorrow, then hopefully be back to normal again on Monday.

I've already taken my morning pills, run the virus scan (which was, thankfully, still clear), done the gardening for the first time today, had my breakfast (2 of Subways vegan chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of Pepsi Max cherry) and I've updated my VPN, so I'm all set for the day now.

I've taken a photo of my oh so healthy (not!) breakfast so I'll put that up now then take Steve's empty bowl through to the kitchen.


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