Friday 22 July 2022

Today's (22nd July 2022) tea photo

So much for not eating in the evenings eh? lol  I've just been persuaded to have a take-away tea in celebration of some good news that my hubby had yesterday, which means I've had 3 meals and 2 snacks today and I'm 896 calories over budget, which is reassuring after barely eating for most of the week!

I had a Subway regular crinkle cut wedges with garlic aoli and a bottle of Pepsi Max cherry and I've already got tomorrow's breakfast sorted in 2 vegan chocolate chip cookies.  I was tempted to have the cookies tonight too, but I really would feel sick when I went to bed tonight then!

It'll be interesting to see how full I still feel when I wake up and come downstairs tomorrow after 3 meals and 2 snacks today!  Assuming I don't feel too bad when I eventually lay down and fall asleep tonight, I'm wondering if I should now make tea a regular feature on the days when I need to increase my calories?  It won't be heavy meals and I'll have late nights when I have them, but it'll hopefully put less stress on me to consume as many calories as I need to without having to resort to drinking chocolates to get my calorie count up.

I'd love to hear your opinions on this!

Here's today's tea photo:

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