Saturday 23 July 2022

Yet again...

...Steve didn't check the ingredients of something new that he put on this week's shop.  He fancied trying the Linda McCartney plaits so he put 2 boxes on the order and because they are Linda McCartney, he assumed that they would be me friendly without even glancing at the ingredients.

It's got my allergen in it 3 times, so he's having 4 portions of plaits and the majority of the chips while I'm left with just chips again.

Looks like I'll be relying on drinking chocolates and peanuts to increase my calorie count yet-a-fucking-gain.

Steve's had 16 full meals so far this week (lunch is his 17th) and I've had one - nope, not a typo, I really do mean one single meal (or 2 if you include last nights take-away) all week.  He'd never let me hear the end of it if I didn't make each meal for him, yet seems to get away with making a maximum of 3 a week for me.

He's just given me a 10 minute warning for lunch, so I'd best publish this and put it on the floor.


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