Friday 22 July 2022

Thank you Green Man!

Just been to grab my stick and the jug to water the plants and seedlings and was wondering why I needed to turn on the hall and kitchen lights to reliably see at 5.30pm... turns out it's been raining a touch.  Far from a downpour, but enough to water the plants and seedlings on my behalf... thank you Green Man!  Maybe He had got together with Gaia (my Goddess) and decided it'd be better for me not to bend over too much this evening so that I didn't get to re-visit my lunch 🤮 lol

I've closed the back door now and just letting my body digest as much of the food I've given it today as possible.  I didn't have a drinking choccie after all but that's OK... I've had my chocolate fix for today and I'm overbudget with my calories so I'll leave off now and have it tomorrow instead now that I've scoffed the other half a packet of biscuits for brunch lol

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