Thursday 21 July 2022

Mornin' all

Jeez I feel rough.

Not from a hangover (I haven't even looked at alcohol for over 2 decades and I've never been drunk in my life - never seen the appeal), but it's still the allergic reaction from yesterday.

So far this week, all I've eaten is a vegan sausage, bean and cheese melt, a vegan sausage roll (both on Monday) and half a sandwich yesterday and going by previous allergic reactions, I very much doubt I'll be eating any more than crystalised ginger and drinking anything other than ginger beer and water at least until the weekend, then it'll be bread and vegan spread for a few days before I gingerly start eating again.

In the last 8 hours (ie, for his tea after I'd gone to bed), Steve's had 8 sandwiches, 2 mini pork pies and 4 cupcakes on top of what he had at his mum's yesterday and his breakfast in the morning.

I'll have to go and make him his breakfast now that he's woken up too while I miss my 4th breakfast of the week.

That's a point... I won't even be able to have bread 'n' spread when the allergic reaction starts to ease 'cos I've gotta save it for all of Steve's sandwiches. He uses up at least 4 slices per meal and because it's unlikely that I'll be eating before the weekend, it's gonna be at least 8 slices a day and there are only 10 slices per loaf, so I won't even be able to have that until Tuesday when we get more bread.

I've gotta limit my ginger consumption too 'cos there are only 7 cans of ginger beer and 1⅓ tiny tubs of crystalised ginger that have gotta last me until Steve's mum goes shopping again on Saturday.  Basically I'm gonna be left feeling as rough as chuff and going hungry when I eventually start to recover.  As long as Steve's alright though, that's all that matters, right?

I'm currently doing the back-ups that I didn't do yesterday and I've gotta go out and do the watering before Steve gets washed in the kitchen sink too, so I'd best go and do that now before I forget and I'll just have to hope that the bending over isn't too much for my stomach to cope with.

I've got a book to keep reading and reviewing too, so I'll get started on that when the backups have finished so I'll hopefully have enough to keep my mind off the grottiness.

I'm gonna take as few pills as possible today 'cos I don't wanna make my body work any harder than necessary to process anything that goes into my stomach.

Time to go and do the watering before Steve decides that he wants to get washed in the middle of the session.


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