Saturday 23 July 2022

Just taken my pills and...

...I'm gonna start shutting down and have a well-deserved early night tonight I think.  I'm just over the 10 hours today now, so I can go to bed in the knowledge that I've now worked over 71 hours this week.  It's not gonna be an 85 hour week this week, but an 80 hour week should still be achievable 'cos it's less than 9 hours away, so maybe an 82-ish hour week by the time I head to bed tomorrow??

I don't reckon my carer will manage much more than 2 hours for this week 'cos he's only managed 93 minutes of care this week so there's no way he can cram 33½ hours into a 24 hour day, and I'll be asleep for at least 8 of 'em with any luck, which takes it down to 16 hours which is less than half of what he's got left to do to meet the minimum so it's another week of him claiming credit for things he doesn't even approach doing in a quarter of the year, let alone a week!!

I'm sure you're all bored of that rant by now though, so I'm gonna sort out the spreadsheet and then head off to beddy-byes I reckon.

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