Wednesday 27 July 2022

Virus scan showed that...

I'm still free of viruses and malware, so I've started the weekly backups and I've gotta remember not to save anything until it's finished.

My legs are killing me and I'm very unstable, so I won't be able to have any lunch today after I've made my carer's - it'd just be too dangerous to even attempt it.  I've had 6 portions of crisps though, so I won't be going totally hungry today, thankfully.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to get the external hard drive put away before I go and make Steve's lunch for him, so that I don't trip over the wires and have to start the backups from scratch again.  Steve's got a delivery coming this morning which I can guarantee that I'll be answering the door to and bringing in for him 'cos he never wears a t-shirt and freaks out if he has to put a t-shirt on if someone comes to the door while I'm in the bathroom!


I've renewed 5 domains this morning, so that's sorted for the next 12 months now.  Had to take some money out of my savings to cover it, but it's worth it and only happens once a year for each domain name, which is reassuring.

Gonna finish off my glass of water then make a drink for Steve... perish the thought that he goes thirsty!

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