Thursday 28 July 2022

Today's (28th July 2022) late lunch photo

When Steve (my hubby/carer) said about having a take-away for tea, I wrongly assumed he meant Chinese or a pizza or curry or something equally unhealthy.  When he said about getting a Subway for his tea, my interest was instantly drawn.  After only having the packet of crisps and vegan ice cream yesterday my belly was crying out for something healthy today, so I got Subways crinkle cut wedges with garlic aoli and a Veggie Delite™ salad, along with a couple of vegan cookies.

I've had the wedges and salad which has seriously stuffed me, so I'm gonna leave the cookies to have tomorrow so that I don't make myself ill.  I should have put my "eating trousers" on instead of my new ones that are the next size down - they fit me fine and dandy, except seemingly when I pig out lol

Here are today's photos of my healthy-ish pig out session:

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