Saturday 30 July 2022

We're having our...

...third home-cooked meal of the week!  Steve's just put it all into the oven and we're having sausages (veggie ones for me, pork for Steve) and a bag full of potato croquettes as a change from chips!

Can't wait!


Need to use the opportunity of lunch cooking to take my lunchtime pill so that I don't forget.  I'll be missing tomorrow's lunchtime pill 'cos we won't be here, but that'll be the only one I've missed all week!  Need to remember to re-fill the box after I've taken my morning pills tomorrow so that they aren't done in a rush just before I head to bed tomorrow.

Steve's just given me a 10 minute warning, so I'll take it after I've taken our plates through to the kitchen after we've eaten.


Woops!  Forgot to publish this before I went to get our plates to bring in!

We've had our lunch and I'm just nicely full, so gonna put the photo up then water the pots, then carry on watching MasterChef.


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