Tuesday 14 September 2021

Book Review: "The Post Box at the North Pole" by Jaimie Admans

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⭐ out of 5

If you've read any of my other recent reviews, you'll know that I start all of them by saying that every book that I read and review starts off with the full five stars and that I'm ever-hopeful that they will still be firmly in place by the time I close the book too... this one ain't no different.

The first few chapters have been OK and the descriptions of all that freezing snow has got me shivering too.

It's good, but I've already had to skip to 28% because it's the same words in a different order, so I'm having to knock the first star  :-(

Oh dear.  There has just been a couple of mentions of big brand names, I'm guessing without permission, so that's the second star coming off now... the book had started off so well!

Now the author is using famous people to rename reindeers!  I'm not sure if that's legally allowed without permission either, so that's another star coming off, which means there's only one star to go before I can't remove any more stars and I officially give up on it.  The book started off so well, but using those brand names and famous people are just not legal without prior written permisson!

A social media brand now... I've already taken a star off for that reason, so the star is still safe - but only just!  It's almost like the publisher has read 3 chapters and approved it for publication 'cos they were the best chapters so far!

Oh boy, now the author has given a handle and used the three major social media names... that star is looking decidedly wobbly now, unfortunately.

Now the author is using well-known films, so that star has wobbled off and after 37% I've given up unfortunately... another single star review from me  :-(

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