Tuesday 28 September 2021

Just taken my afternoon pill and...

...restarted the backups.  Had my lunch too... another 6 biscuits and 3 mince pies.  I'm in a great deal of pain, so angry that steam is coming out of my ears and I'm waiting for my prescription to be delivered this afternoon that my doc sent to the pharmacy 11 days ago!  I just hope that I can bury my anger when the door goes so that I don't accidentally bite their head off for something that isn't even their fault.


Gonna finish off my glass of water and refill it again... I've already drunk 2¾ litres today, so it's gonna be another 4 litre day today.  I haven't had breakfast since Saturday or lunch since Sunday, even though my carer says he cooks all my meals for me.  He won't feel like cooking tomorrow 'cos of his medical appointment and I doubt I'll get anything cooked the rest of the week either so it'll be biscuits and water all week instead of anything solid.

My prescription has just turned up and I thankfully didn't bite the poor man's head off so hopefully that's it for the afternoon now.

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