Wednesday 15 September 2021

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?


My hayfever is already through the roof but I've had to give Steve the last box of tisses for him, which means he's had the entire multipack of boxes to himself and I haven't used a single tissue even though I bought them for myself!

Steve reminded me not to open my emails this morning 'cos of the weekly virus scan, which I'd totally forgotten about and I bet that'll be pretty much the only care I get out of him today 'cos he won't fancy making lunch for us when he gets home from his medical appointment, so I'll be finishing off the salad for him instead.

I've given him the letter for his nurse and emailed him with it, so he can't say he doesn't have a clue now.  I bet he conveniently forgets to take it with him though, same as always.

I've taken my morning pills and I've almost finished charging up my FitBit, so I'll go and make Steve's breakfast and water the tomatoes once that's done and dusted.  Doubt I'll be safe enough on my feet to make any breakfast for myself though, same as last week, so Steve'll have 3 breakfasts and I'll have 1 again, but as long as Steve's fed then that doesn't matter, right?  Might just about be able to sneak a bottle of orange juice through for me, but that'll have to be it until I go and make our lunch, so my calorie count will be through the floor and I'll lose weight again, but as long as Steve eats something, that doesn't seem to matter.


Steve said "the electricity money's gone this morning" and seems to want credit for paying it, despite it being my money that paid for it.

That's my FitBit finished charging, so time to go and make Steve's breakfast then water the tomatoes again.

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