Monday 27 September 2021

As I predicted this morning...

...Steve accepted the sandwich spreads that he doesn't like and will leave again, so that's £5.00 wasted that didn't need to be in the last 7 days.  He also didn't fancy cooking, as I also predicted, so I had to make him an instant soup for his lunch, which means that yet again I get to survive on 10 biscuits and a bar of chocolate all day today... I'm light-headed with hunger, but after putting the groceries away, totally alone again, it just wasn't safe for me to make myself a soup too, so it's 10 biscuits, a bar of chocolate and 4 litres of liquid that I've got to survive on again today.


It's the monthly virus scan tomorrow, so unless it finishes before lunchtime I'll be surviving on biscuits and water again tomorrow too, for the third day on the trot.


Not to worry though, eh?


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