Wednesday 29 September 2021

I've officially given up with...

...backing up my whole machine to the cloud so I'll just keep doing the weekly backups that I've been doing and I'm happy with - not ideal, but better than nothing.

My weekly backups are at 80% so I'll be able to check my email for the first time in two days soon.

I've made myself another drink, so hopefully that'll keep me going until lunchtime (assuming we have anything other than my carer having another MugShot and me only having 10 biscuits to keep me going for the 5th day running).  My belly is audibly rumbling, so I'll have to start on the biscuits soon otherwise the nausea will start and it'll become a vicious circle again (I'll feel sick so won't want to eat and I'll feel even sicker 'cos I haven't eaten).

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