Sunday 26 September 2021

OK, that's tomorrow's groceries edited for the last time...

...and the total breaks down like this:

My stuff:  £2.43
Steve's stuff:  £20.20
Joint stuff:  £14.88

So Steve's stuff is pretty significantly (as in £5.32, so more than double my  stuff) the most expensive again, but I bet that it's mine or the joint stuff that is... he's just said about getting the mince pies again, so the new total now looks like this:

My stuff:  £0.00
Steve's stuff:  £20.20
Joint stuff:  £15.88 


So Steve's stuff is still the most expensive by £4.32 and the only reason the joint stuff is so expensive is 'cos of the four multipacks of orange juice for us to have with our breakfast.

I'll be able to have breakfast tomorrow 'cos there isn't any marmalade left, so we'll both be having toast for breakfast tomorrow, but from Tuesday onwards, it'll just be Steve eating breakfast again 'cos he's got 2 jars of marmalade on tomorrow's grocery order, which'll last for 8 days and he's the only one with burgers, so that's another meal I'll be missing out on, so at least once next week I won't be eating anything at all during the day and just drinking water to stop the hunger 'cos I've had to take my pop and veggie burgers off to make room for the mince pies, but as long as Steve's got his stuff on the order, that's all that seems to matter 😞

Aksherly, thinking on it, I won't be able to have breakfast after all tomorrow so that there's enough spread left to get Steve through to Wednesday evening, so I'll be missing out on all my breakfasts next week and at least one lunch.  I can pretty much guarantee that Steve won't fancy cooking for the majority of next week either 'cos he only usually cooks literally two or three times a week, so lets work this out:

7 days in the week:
Steve'll have breakfast every day and I won't
Steve'll cook a maximum of three times which means I'll go without on four days.
Steve'll have his burgers for one of those meals, so I'll go without for that meal too. 
I'll have to make him double MugShots the other four days
Steve has sandwiches in the evening and I don't.

So out of a potential 21 meals each next week, it breaks down like this:

Amanda's meal total - 2 out of 21
Steve's meal total - 21 out of 21

I need to put on weight rather than lose it after this week too but that doesn't seem to matter.  It's a good job the nurse isn't weighing me any more otherwise she'd want to know why I was eating so little and Steve wouldn't admit the truth if she asked him.

Don't expect too many photo's next week, considering I'll only be eating twice in the week, unless Steve decides he wants cereal (wheat biscuits 'cos I can't afford Weetabix) instead... I'll join him then, as long as I can safely stay on my feet for long enough of course.

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