Monday 27 September 2021

What a stressful start to the day that's been!

I came downstairs in a pretty good mood to find the bottle of squash on the sofa which improved my mood even more.  Then the lightbulb blew and we haven't got any more non-energy-saving bulbs and I bet Steve'll forget to ask his mum to get one for us with her groceries on Wednesday evening too.  


Turned my laptop on and did the daily virus scan (still clear) but none of my programmes wanted to load up so I rebooted and still had problems getting my programmes to open up so I rebooted again while I was taking my first pills of the day, still no joy so I rebooted yet again and my good day was rapidly turning into a bad day.  


I made Steve's breakfast while my machine was rebooting for the fifth time in two hours because he said he was "starving", which meant I couldn't have any breakfast so that he had enough spread left for his sarnies tonight and tomorrow and breakfast tomorrow and Wednesday.

He ate less than half a slice before he declared that he couldn't eat any more 'cos he was bloated then he fell asleep again.

I decided to try and repair an app before uninstalling it and had to reboot for the sixth time.  It seems to be working properly now though so hopefully 🤞 the repair fixed whatever was wrong with it.


Steve's just gone for a poo and conveniently forgotten to check if there was a toilet roll in there.  He must have used it up overnight 'cos he's just called through to me to get him a toilet roll, clean pants and two sanitary towels for him.  I've got less than half an hour to go before I've already cared for him for 3 hours today and he's cared for me for 2 minutes (when he made the squash).

I can already tell that he won't want to cook us any lunch as he's apparently so bloated, so I'll be living on just the orange juice I had for breakfast today.  I've put on over 1kg in the last week though, so missing a few meals again this week won't harm me too much.  I've already drunk 2 litres today, and because I doubt I'll be having any lunch, it's gonna be at least 4 litres today I reckon.

Just had the email about our groceries and there are quite a few missing things that have been replaced this week, so Steve'll have to go without his scotch eggs and 2 of his sandwich fillers have been replaced with the ones he doesn't like but I bet he'll say that the replacements are fine and they will go to waste.  Again.  The mince pies are in stock though, so I'll be able to have at least one meal this week.  The own-brand Weetabix boxes are both in stock though, so I'll be able to have breakfast until my soya milk runs out this week, but other than the biscuits, literally everything else is stuff that only Steve can have, so it'll be a very light week on the calorie front this week.

After such a positive start to the day, I'm now feeling the exact opposite and rather than having a good day, it's turned into a bad one.

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