Thursday 30 September 2021

As always...

...I got literally (I've just counted them) 9 sentences of support in 3 loooong messages yesterday even though this person knew that I was seriously struggling 'cos of the date.  Well she can fuck off with expecting me to reply to her message and support her until I'm through the other side of this.  I told her two days ago that I would be struggling and that I wouldn't be able to support her like I usually do for this week and to be fair to her, she did support me for one message (four of the sentences) without going on about herself but her reply to my reply was 2 sentences of support then her third message was the other 3 very short sentences.

I've had as much as I can take of her right now, so I'm just not going to reply until I'm out of the other side of this week.  It's always the same, not just with this person but with everyone else too.  Three people knew I would be struggling yesterday and not one single person supported me - I got 9 sentences of support the whole day, yet everyone still expected me to support them.

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