Sunday 19 September 2021

Mornin' again all

I discovered that my FitBit needed to be charged up just as I clambered into bed last night and I hoped that it'd record my sleep and that I remembered to charge it up as soon as I turned my laptop on this morning.  Both happened, thanks to the reminder in my phone, so it's charging up again now, along with my fitness watch that I wear on my wrist.


I've already drunk half a litre of water this morning and I've only been down here for half an hour, so I'm gonna go and fill up the glass again when my FitBit has finished charging and make Steve's toast for him when he eventually wakes up.  He wants to save four slices of bread for his sarnies this evening and I can already tell that he won't fancy cooking our lunch, so I'll be surviving on biscuits today which will mean that I'll definitely have lost weight when I weigh myself tomorrow.  As long as Steve gets to eat though, that's all that matters, right? 😡


The daily virus scan is almost finished and it hasn't found anything yet, so I remain hopeful that my laptop is still free of nasties.


Time to go and refill the glass with water so that I can take my morning pills and stop my belly from rumbling and I'll give the tomatoes their first drink of the day when it's considerably lighter out there this morning.

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