Monday 20 September 2021

No news today, so...

...I've made me an' 'im a hot drink because I wasn't able to "flirt" (Steve's word, not mine) with either of the collecters this morning and not having any news means that I've got the time between now and when the groceries are delivered totally to myself, so I'll spend it doing surveys.  


My NaNo rewards were dispatched this morning and will be here on Saturday apparently.  My target for this year before I'm rewarded is to hit 5k words before I'm allowed one, which will be challenging but hopefully achievable and will mean I'll be finished on 10th November if I manage it every day, but I'm giving myself until the 15th just in case I can't cope with writing on the day we lost the puppy dog.  I'm determined to get through it in her memory though.  We can do this together... her inspiring me from Rainbow Bridge and me trying to keep up with her thoughts and ideas, just like last year.

Gonna go and water the tomatoes first, before I forget, though lol

Already drunk 2 litres of sugar (aka pop) today, along with this morning's orange juice (250ml) and now the coffee (500ml) so it's gonna be another day of a lotta liquid and I remain hopeful that we'll have the rice for lunch, but I won't believe it until it's in front of me though.

The groceries are due this afternoon, but I bet I'll be in the bathroom when it arrives lol

Need to remember to take my afternoon pill too, which will be even more liquid for my body to process lol

I'm currently 10 minutes away from caring for my carer for 6 hours already today, so 10 hours is pretty much guaranteed, maybe 11 hours or even 12 at a push.

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