Sunday 19 September 2021

That's me up to date with... survey invites and I'm 51 minutes away from 10 hours of care for my carer today, so I'm already over 80 hours this week and it's not even 5pm 🕔 yet, so I might be able to achieve another 12 hour day before I head to bed tonight.


I might as well do the totting up for the care I've received from my carer this week... without looking I doubt it'll be much over an hour and definitely under 2 hours, rather than the required 35 hours he claims he easily does a week.


Not even approaching an hour - 37 minutes over the last 7 days, so over 34 hours short of the required amount to be called a carer.  OTOH, the current daily total of caring for my carer is already 9 hours and 9 minutes so the weekly total is currently 80 hours and 5 minutes so I'm comfortably over double the required amount, but apparently I'm not the carer 🤷

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