Sunday 26 September 2021

Lunch today was...

...eggs, chips, onion rings and baked beans and I'm now bloated and I've still got 787 calories to eat to be on target today!

Here's the photo for today:

I'll hopefully be able to have breakfast tomorrow, which should take my calorie count over 2,000 as long as I have lunch too and I'll hopefully be able to re-gain the weight I'm pretty sure I've lost after not eating yesterday and no breakfast today.

We're doing well with emptying the cupboard and freezers now and just replacing what we use each week, rather than buying food then forgetting about it.

Gonna give the grocery order one last check over then ask Steve to do the same then that's it until it's delivered tomorrow.  I've put 4 boxes of instant soup on the order, in preparation for NaNo and I've got enough J2Os for both NaNo and JanNo and I've got both novels planned out so I'm all ready to go on 1st November now.

Not gonna take my afternoon pill today... don't wanna risk adding anything else to my bloated stomach and I'm gonna let it all "go down" a bit before I haul the rubbish sack outside for another week.

I'm not gonna get any more care from my carer, so the weekly total for him caring for me is 3 hours and 10 minutes, which is under 10% of the time he says he spends caring for me, and I've cared for him for over 78 hours so far this week... he'll expect me to care for him this afternoon, so it should be a pretty comfortable 80 hours, probably more, of care for my carer this week.

Better finish off the news now I s'pose.  



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