Sunday 12 September 2021

Steve's just edited the grocery order for tomorrow... it's time for the weekly grocery breakdown:

My stuff:   £3.54
Steve's stuff:  £14.59
Joint stuff:  £23.61

so amazingly, for the first time in a veeeery long time, it's the joint stuff that's the most expensive by the best part of a tenner!  That's how it should be every week and I'm happy with the split this week!  If it was like this each week then I wouldn't whine about it so much.

Looking for some recipe ideas to use the Cous Cous with... is it the sort of thing to have with our salad or is it more like something you eat as the main part of the dish please?  I've had it before, but can't remember what I had with it... if it was part of a salad or a side dish with pizza or something just on its own like a healthier Pot Noodle?

We're really pushing the boat out with new-to-us things next week 'cos as well as the cous cous, we're also having a fresh (as opposed to pre-packed) salad (that will prolly be down to me to make) and we're even having a vegan roast on Sunday so I just hope that Steve can stay motivated to do it all!

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