Monday 13 September 2021

Our groceries have just been delivered and...

...after "bullying" Steve, he phoned his mum to find out what we do with the Cous Cous and it looks like it's a pretty versatile bit of food 'cos you can have it hot or cold and either use it as a side dish (we're gonna try it cold with our salad first off) or with vegan sausages or whatever to bulk it up a bit 'cos apparently it's just tiny flakes of pasta.  


Steve reckons "there's at least one meal out of the lettuce and there are loads of tomatoes" so we'll be having 2 salads this week to use up the lettuce and tomatoes as well as the second packet of cous cous, then we've got instant noodles and instant rice to use up too, so it's all quick and easy meals this week then we've got the roast on Sunday too.  


I'm drooling 🤤 now lol

Assuming we both enjoy the cous cous we'll be getting it again so that we can just get it sorted as a quick, simple and filling meal.  Same with the rice and noodles... not exactly five star restaurant meals, but it's fine for just the two of us!

Our late lunch today is Tunnock's tea cakes 😆

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