Monday 20 September 2021

Today's lunch is gonna be...

...mince pies instead of the rice, just like I've been kinda predicting all morning.  I can let the chef off for this one meal though 'cos we're both wiped out and in pain after putting the groceries away and the mince pies are gonna go off quicker than the rice.  I'm gonna put the mince pies into the FitBit app then grab a couple of plates, put my laptop on the floor, put them onto the plates and hopefully remember to take a photo of them to share with you all.




Forgot to publish this before I put my laptop on the floor - woops!

Here's the photo of my lunch:

I'd forgotten just how sweet mince pies are, I think after I've significantly reduced the amount of chocolate and pop I have now, so three at a time are gonna be my limit this year I think - I'll need a glass of water available to get through all those too lol

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