Wednesday 29 September 2021

That's the backups done for another week

The back-ups have just finished, so I've put the external hard drive away and my second drink of the morning has soothed my hunger temporarily, so my belly isn't rumbling any more.


I'm only 16 minutes away from having cared for my carer for 5 hours already today and he's done bugger all to care for me so far today.  This week his total amount of support adds up to 14 minutes and I can already pretty much guarantee that he won't want to cook for lunch today, so I'll be living on the 42 calorie orange juice I had for breakfast.


I'm gonna give it until 2pm before I have any biscuits today, just to give my carer as much time as possible to cook for us both.


We're gonna have curry noodles today, but they look meaty (even though it's suitable for vegetarians) so if it tastes meaty too then I'll only have literally a mouthful before I give the rest of it to Steve and have to have biscuits yet again.

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