Tuesday 14 September 2021

That was a refreshing change in our diet!

Just had a home-made salad that was quick, easy and delicious.  We're gonna finish off the bag of lettuce and a few more tomatoes tomorrow, along with the cous cous instead of the potato salad that we had today and Steve suggested asking his mum "to get some more salad bits like spring onions and stuff for us tomorrow" so I suggested asking for a box of 6 eggs too, so that we can have egg salad as well.

Steve wondered if literally lettuce, tomatoes and potato salad counts as a salad and I couldn't see why it wouldn't, right?

My body is celebrating having four portions of fruit and veggies already today and it's rewarding me with feeling more awake and refreshed and motivated to meet this afternoon head on.

Here's today's lunch photo before I forget:

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