Thursday 23 September 2021

Morning all

How is my first blog of the day finding you all?  I'm chilly cold but I bet you anything you like, Steve won't put the heating on when he wakes up because he's always hot and he'll open the door too... doesn't seem to matter that I'm cold, as long as he's not hot!

Time to take my morning pills, then do the news and hopefully study this afternoon.  I reckon I'm gonna do the crime writing course 'cos someone gave me an idea to write a children's crime novel, so if I get any ideas from the course, I'll plan out the novel ready to write after JanNo finishes.

I'm charging up my FitBit and the daily virus scan has almost finished, so I'll do Steve's breakfast when he wakes up then carry on with the news.  I've already cared for my carer for 36 hours this week and he's cared for me for under 2 hours, yet apparently he's my carer for "well over" 35 hours a week and I don't do anything to support him.  I'm half way through recording week 14 and I haven't even had 5 hours of care a week from him, even when I went to the hospital, yet I frequently more than double the required amount.

Just had the reminder come up for taking my pills.  Today is Thursday, so it begins with a T which means I take the FA today as well as all my other ones.  Need a poo and to re-fill my squash bottle first though because my carer didn't even do that for me in the last 24 hours, yet he had time to deep-clean the kitchen sink overnight.


I was wrong up there ⮙⮙⮙, sorry about that.

Steve's just woken up and taken my squash bottle through to fill up, so I'm gonna take my pills while I'm waiting for him to come out of the bathroom so that I can go for a poo, then water the tomatoes, then make breakfast...


Wrong again!

Steve made my squash while I went for a poo then watered and harvested the two red ones, so the only tomatoes left now are very green so I'm thinking they will either rot or be very late to ripen.  They've got more access to the sun now though, so we'll see.

Time to take my pills now.


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