Tuesday 28 September 2021

Knew it was too good to be true!

Steve's just said (and this is a direct quote)  "I'm not gonna cook anything fancy for lunch today.  I'm just too hot and sweaty and tired" so I'll be doing him another instant soup and I'll have another day on water again.  Out of 8 meals that he could have made since Saturday, he's only actually made one meal and expected me to make the other 7 for him.  😒


He's got a medical appointment tomorrow so he won't be cooking then either, so tomorrow will be my fourth day without anything solid at lunchtime and my fourth without breakfast too, 'cos Steve has 4 wheat biscuits for his breakfast and by the time I've brought his bowl and juice in here, it's not safe for me to make my own too, so I'll be going without breakfast until he's finished both boxes of wheat biscuits and having to live on water and biscuits (cookies) until he fancies cooking again.


I suppose I should be grateful that it's preparation for November.


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