Friday 24 September 2021

Lunch photos for today (24th September 2021)

Lunch today was spaghetti and meat-free balls with oodles of cheese.

Steve was worried that he'd been stingy with the pasta today, but he actually did the perfect amount and in reality if he'd done the amount he usually does, there would have been waste instead of today's clean plates and we are just nicely full instead of completely bloated.

I wasn't patient enough to wait to take the photo today, so there are two of 'em for you all today - pre cheese and just-about-to-dig-in photo:

There was even a portion of grated cheese left in the packet too, which very rarely happens, so maybe we've finally got the portion sizes right and we just need to reprogramme our eyes and bellies not to be so big when it comes to food?  Like I had to do when I first came out of hospital?

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