Wednesday 29 September 2021

I was wrong, I'm sorry

I've just had a couple of apples for my lunch, so I was wrong to doubt that I would eat anything today after all and I'm sorry about that.  My calorie count is now gonna be 646 calories which is under half what it should be, but considerably better than if I'd just had the juice and biscuits.

We've got a pack of bananas in the kitchen too, so I'll have a couple of those for lunch tomorrow, so hopefully I'll get tomorrow's calorie count over 500 too.

My body is fighting to grab and make use of every single bit of goodness in the apples 'cos it knows that it's likely to be the only thing I'll eat today, thanks to my carer not wanting to cook again.

I've taken my afternoon pill, so I've taken all my pills so far this week and I hope it'll be a fully dosed week, especially as it's likely I'll be eating such a small amount this week.

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