Tuesday 21 September 2021

Mornin' again all

The daily virus scan has just finished and I'm still free of nasties, thankfully, and I've already drunk 1½ litres of pop this morning, so I'm gonna go back to water when I've finished this glass - better for my teeth and body lol


Steve's just woken up and started ranting about a programme he was watching on the telly last night so I'm gonna go and make his breakfast as soon as he's stopped talking.


Yesterday was a new record, caring-wise - 13 hours and 49 minutes of caring for my carer while he cared for me for 10 minutes.  I've cared for him for 54 minutes already this morning too, so I reckon it'll be easily half of the required time before lunchtime today.  Assuming we have the roast, that'll bump my carer's caring total up pretty significantly (about an hour), but I'm already doubting we'll make it to 5 hours of him caring for me this week.

I've booked the grocery slot for 3 weeks time, so that's that sorted for another week.  Time to finish off my glass of pop, go for a poo 💩 and go and make breakfast now, then take my morning pills.

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