Tuesday 14 September 2021

Thanks again, Green Man!

It's still spitting with rain out there and the tomatoes still soaked up their afternoon drink, but the Green Man is giving them a more frequent, slower drink to keep them going.

Me not giving them a drink this morning doesn't seem to have done them any harm, so I'll give them their normal drink tonight then see what the Green Man decides to do with the weather tomorrow.

I'll need to clean and re-fill the birds' water bowl again in a couple of days time though, 'cos rain seems to turn the water bright green for some reason!  The birds need a drink as well as the tomatoes though, so I honestly don't mind doing it for them every few days... I've just gotta listen to my body and only do it when it's safe enough for me to do it without my legs giving way underneath me.

Time for my afternoon pill then carry on with the reading now!

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