Monday 13 September 2021

I was wrong, I'm sorry

I said that my calorie count would be under 1,000 calories this morning but I was wrong and I apologise for that.  I've just had 3 bananas so my current calorie count is 1,589 already.  I'm not hungry either, so it's no big deal if Steve doesn't cook for lunch today any more.


While I've got this blog post open though, I'll give you the run-down on today's grocery substitutes:


1 of Steve's sandwich fillers wasn't in stock and hasn't been replaced
2 more of Steve's (different) sandwich fillers are out of stock but have been replaced
2 of the biccies are out of stock and seem to have been replaced with a double pack
All 6 of my drinks are out of stock and have been replaced, which is totally OK with me and means that I can actually have some fizzy drinks this week for a change!


All the salad stuff was in stock and so was the Cous Cous and Steve's curry flavoured noodles so we've done pretty well this week.  Still need ideas of how to use the Cous Cous though lol

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