Saturday 25 September 2021

Just made Steve's breakfast and...

...because he wanted marmalade on his toast again, I couldn't have any breakfast again (I don't like citrus things and I use the same knife to spread and marmalade the toast, so when Steve wants marmalade I don't get to eat) and he's just said that he doesn't want to cook for lunch today, so it'll be me making him a MugShot and me not having any lunch either.  I don't eat in the evenings so that I don't throw up when I lay down in bed, so it looks like my calorie count is gonna be pretty much zero today and I'll be living on 4 litres of water, but as long as Steve eats, that's OK innit?  😡  I bet he'll want a double tomato MugShot too, so that's another meal I won't be having.

He's just said to put a couple of jars of the marmalade on Monday's shop and each jar is 3 breakfasts so I'll be having one breakfast next week too and I can guarantee that he won't fancy cooking more than once next week too, so might be a few days without eating next week too.

I'll try and remember to take a photo of each meal that I have, to share with you all here on my blog, but it won't be daily photo's next week 'cos I doubt my carer will want to cook every day again... without being pessimistic, I reckon I'll only eat maybe two or three meals next week instead of two a day.

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