Wednesday 29 September 2021

Morning all

So far this morning I've had to reboot my laptop after it shut down overnight, but thankfully the back-ups carried on from where they left off, so I was thankful for that, then I did the washing up and made my carer's breakfast, then took my morning pills and made myself a drink.

I'm not being pessimistic but I don't reckon my carer will cook today either, so I'll be forced to live on biscuits, just like I have since the weekend.  I'm feeling sick with hunger now, but that doesn't seem to matter to my carer - as long as he gets breakfast and lunch then he's happy with that.

We're having "savoury rice or noodles for lunch today" but I doubt that we'll even have that so I'll go hungry yet again.  My carer has already had almost a quarter of the cereal that came on Monday and I haven't had any at all and doubt I will, so I reckon I'll be going hungry this week, just like I have done since the weekend.  All I've eaten since Saturday morning is about 30 biscuits (cookies), 3 eggs, a portion of chips (fries) and a portion of onion rings - that's been my entire diet so far this week so I'm pretty much guaranteed to lose weight when I weigh myself on Monday.

My back is joining in now too, so I'd best take a paracetamol and hope that it works even slightly this time.

I bought the Christmas gifts for everyone except my mum yesterday and half of them are due today, another one is due tomorrow and a birthday gift is being sent to the recipient on 8th October.  Steve's still assuming that I'll get him a gift as well as his take away on his birthday, but I won't be and I bet he'll lay on the guilt trip because of it, but he hasn't got me a single gift in the last 2 decades so I don't see why I should have to.  Same with everyone else - the only people who got me gifts for the last few years have been C and my mum, so they are the only ones getting gifts off me this year, along with our two nephews... there will be a lot of disappointed people, but right now I really don't care - I'm fed up of giving gifts and Steve taking the credit then blaming me when gifts don't turn up, same with being expected to give and getting nothing in return.

My back is killing me, so I'm gonna pop a paracetamol and hope for the best.

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