Friday 24 September 2021

That's the gardening over and done with...

...for the year now.

I've just been out to give the tomatoes their evening drink and the green tomatoes are now noticeably grey, slimey and rotten, so there won't be any more watering or gardening needed now, until Steve decides to lumber more on me totally out of the blue again next year.  I'm just gonna let the plants die naturally then get rid of them somehow.

I've enjoyed it and it's gradually built up my confidence with slopes, so I'll feel slightly more confident when I'm forced to go up and down them now on footpaths, but I'd have appreciated a bit of warning before suddenly getting them on the front doorstep and told to take 'em out into the back yard then being lumbered with total responsibility for them... still not happy about that - can you tell?  😏

Time to reboot my machine so that hopefully the FitBit app will start working.  



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