Wednesday, 16 November 2022

Opinions please

Would you call just 4 slices of bread and dairy free butter a meal?

If you would, I've eaten 3 times so far this week.

If you wouldn't, I've only eaten twice.

I finished off the granola on Monday, which was meal number 1

Then I had the spreaded bread at lunchtime which may or may not be a meal

A packet of crisps yesterday

And spaghetti and vegetarian meatballs for lunch today.

That's literally all I've eaten all week so far.

Steve, OTOH, has had 3 proper meals every day (so 9 meals so far), 2 sharing bags of Doritoes, 2 entire packets of biscuits and 4 egg custards in the same amount of time.  I've made 7 of the nine meals and only eaten 2 of the 9 potential meals.  Other than the bottle of squash he made for me (and left in the kitchen) overnight, I've made all the other drinks.

Apparently he "make[s] all her meals and drinks for her".  I bet he doesn't even know where the hot drinks containers are kept and the last time he made a hot drink for me was at least 2 or even 3 years ago, when I first started drinking tea and coffee.  In fact, I've just had a look on Amazon to see when I'd bought my original mug and it was 2018 and he definitely hasn't made me a drink using that mug so it's actually more like 4½ years!

He's just full of crap basically, but nobody believes me when I try to be honest with them so I've given up now.

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