Thursday, 17 November 2022

To give him credit...

...Steve phoned up about the savings account this morning (only 4 days later than he promised at the weekend) and it turns out that it's a pension rather than a savings account and he has to find "hundreds a month to be able to claim it when it matures" so it looks like I've gotta find almost £30k to bail us both out so that the house isn't taken off us because Steve's more concerned about paying for podcasts and stuff like that than squirrelling it away and helping to pay it off.  Other than Christmas gifts, I haven't spent a single penny on anything that wasn't absolutely essential (groceries and electricity for example) so I've got a little bit that I can use, but there's no way in this world that I can find £30,000 out of nowhere.

Steve's blaming it on being 19 at the time, but I moved out of my childhood home when I was only just 21 and I've been bailing him out ever since.

I'm fed up of it.  I really am.

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