Monday 20 December 2021

I was wrong this morning, I'm sorry

I said in one of my earlier posts that I wasn't hungry, right?  Well my belly started rumbling when I made my carer his hot chocolate, so maybe I am hungry after all.  I apologise for my mistake.


My carer said that he was "definitely gonna cook today" so I really hope he does so that I can stop my belly from rumbling and hurting from hunger.  I'm still gonna only eat when my carer (and his mum on Christmas Day) cooks, including not even having the juice for breakfast, so my calorie count on most days is gonna be zero, but I'm fed up of living on biscuits and fruit for the majority of the week. I'll devour tomorrow's Graze box, but other than that, it'll be water when my carer doesn't cook and therefore zero calories a day... far from healthy, but it'll give everyone a chance to see how little my carer actually cooks.


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