Wednesday 22 December 2021

This morning's prediction was...

...almost spot on.

My carer came home, ranted for half an hour then said he fancied a MugShot for his lunch, so I made him that and was left with the option of my Graze box or nothing, so I had my Graze box so that I had something solid in my stomach since breakfast.  I can't safely move all afternoon after being on my feet for so long making my carer's lunch now.  I've made him 4 meals and he's made both of us one which is far from the every meal he tells everyone he makes.  I'll have to make his toast tomorrow too and it's cous cous on the menu for tomorrow which I'm predicting, at 12.42pm, that he'll find an excuse (probably about being to exhausted after "helping" with the shopping) not to make so I'll go hungry tomorrow after I've made his breakfast.  Same on Friday, he'll expect me to make his breakfast then won't want any lunch "in preparation for tomorrow" (Christmas Day) so I've potentially eaten everything solid until after Christmas now and then my carer will be too full to eat for a few days then JanNo starts so it'll be a maximum of a mug of soup a day for at least a week then too.  Apparently he "makes all her meals" though, which is total bollox.


Sorry for the rant... I'm just fed up of him lieing and claiming credit for things he doesn't and has never done.


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