Tuesday 28 December 2021

More taken off my to-do list now

Our groceries have been and gone so I took them from the front door to the kitchen and put them away, then made lunch for my carer who has done absolutely nothing to help with it, so I reckon this week will be another week with minutes rather than an hour of care again 'cos the shopping is usually the only thing he helps with other than cooking our lunches, which I doubt he'll do tomorrow, so that'll be three days without any food and my entire calorie count coming from occasional biscuits and a couple of hot drinks a day.  


My carer has had the opportunity to make 4 meals for me (5 for him) but has actually made bugger all and I've made all five of his meals then it's been too unsafe to make my own, so my entire calorie count yesterday and today is gonna come from 5 biscuits a day (so 10 in total) and starting on Saturday I'll be living off one mug of instant soup a day, yet my carer is planning on having a full cooked breakfast at least twice and various meat meals during the week that I'm writing in so he will be living on several thousand calories a day and I'll be surviving on less than 100... amazing how he can motivate himself to cook meat in hot meals for him at least once a day, yet I'm lucky to get 3 cooked meals a week when I'm not writing!

He'll have to make his own meals for a change as of Saturday 'cos I'm not gonna be making any meals (other than my own soup) until I've got JanNo done and dusted for another year.  It's only twice a year that I refuse to make meals for him and I'm usually left with fridge, freezers and cupboards full of meat and dairy that I can't have for well over a week after it's finished so it'll be at least 2 weeks before I get a proper cooked meal at the start of the year because there's meat and dairy everywhere that Steve hasn't touched and I can't have, so I'll be living on biscuits until he's finished/wasted all that too.  Other than pasta sauces, instant soups and a couple of MugShots, there's literally nothing else that I can eat in the house and it'll be the same until at least the end of the second/beginning of the third week of January.


I've got 3 pasta salads in the fridge that I can have this week when my carer doesn't want to cook, but as of Saturday I'm gonna be going hungry again.


Good job I need to lose weight innit❓ 😠

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