Saturday 18 December 2021

Wide awake now, but...

...I've taken my last pills of the day and I'm gonna give my body an early night tonight 'cos I was awake and down here before 5am today and Steve's got his Covid jab tomorrow that he's going to be collected for before 8am and he wants to be ready to go early so that he can just clamber into the car and head off as soon as his sister arrives in the morning.  He's said that he won't have any breakfast 'cos he's gotta travel so soon after having it, so I'll make and scoff my own while he's out.  Gotta remember that someone is coming for the fitness tracker at around 2pm tomorrow as well, so I wanna give my body as much rest as I can.

I'll say nite nite 2 u orl now and I'll be back as normal in the morning, just hopefully not too early lol

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