Tuesday 28 December 2021

Mornin' all

Just taken my pills and started choking 'cos a mouthful of squash "went down the wrong pipe" but I've just about recovered now.

I remembered not to open my email and set the monthly virus scan running, which is already at 26% after less than 10 minutes and I'm gonna back up my entire hard drive when it's finished and I've rebooted so that I've got everything ready in case my hard drive explodes or something 😄

We've gotta remember to put out our rubbish and food waste today 'cos it's being collected tomorrow instead of yesterday and I've gotta start my laps at 7am too.  Just gonna do 15 minutes twice a day for the rest of the year, then have a break while I'm writing my JanNo novel, then do the laps and sit-ups when that's done and dusted and I'll keep doing them until I've got rid of the flab and I feel more confident about walking again.  They are just laps of the downstairs of the house so that I can cling on to walls and haul myself up if my legs give way, but it'll mean that I can go back to having a couple of slices of toast for my breakfast, 'cos 1 serving of the spread alone is 530 calories, so 2 slices of spreaded toast is pretty much my entire day's calorie count, so I wanna get back into the habit of doing my laps so that I've got enough spare calories for lunch too lol

Gotta remember to have a shower tomorrow so that I can wash my hair 'cos it's totally greasy atm but because Steve's been using the hot water to wash in each morning, I'm predicting right now, at 6.45am on Tuesday 28th December, that there won't be any hot water left for me tomorrow and Steve won't want the heater on in here either so I'll be left to shiver with cold all day and won't recover until I've spent all night curled up beneath my duvet, just like on Christmas Eve, but at least that water was ever so slightly tepid rather than freezing cold.

Have I already said that I've taken my morning pills?  Well I have so I'm all dosed up until lunchtime now.

It's supposed to be soup for lunch today and I'm predicting that I'll have to make it for my carer 'cos he'll be "too exhausted after Sunday and preparing for tomorrow's hospital appointment" and I won't be steady enough on my feet to bring in two mugs, so it'll just be my carer eating again today 'cos I'll go and make his breakfast when he eventually wakes up and I'll go without again, so that the Wheat Biscuits don't go off/soggy during JanNo 'cos the packet is open to the air.  Today is looking likely to be another biscuit day already this week, which is far from healthy, but better than not eating anything at all.

My carer has just woken up, so I'm gonna go and make his breakfast for him now, so that he can go back to sleep until lunchtime.  I cared for him for 13 hours and 11 minutes yesterday and he didn't care for me at all, so he's already 5 hours below the minimum required and I'm predicting right now, at 7.02am, that it'll be the same today too.  Our groceries are coming today, so I might get 10 minutes of care out of him today, if I'm very lucky.


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